Football Players in the Netherlands

The Netherlands, known for their innovative tactical approach to football, have produced many talented players who have made their mark in the history of the sport. Users have the opportunity to vivite un site de paris to make predictions on events involving these Dutch footballers.

Here are some of the best Dutch football players of all time:

  • Ruud Gullit, who played a key role in winning the Euro 1988 and won several titles with AC Milan;
  • Frank Rijkaard, who was an intelligent and versatile player capable of playing in multiple positions;
  • Dennis Bergkamp is known for his technique, creativity, and ability to score spectacular goals.

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Ruud Gullit and the Highlights of His Professional Football Career

His professional sports career began in 1979 with the HFC Haarlem team. In total, he spent three years there until 1982. Users have the opportunity to place live football bets on events involving the clubs he played for.


Other football clubs where he developed his professional career include:

  • Feyenoord from 1982 to 1985;
  • PSV from 1985 to 1987;
  • AC Milan from 1987 to 1994;
  • Sampdoria from 1994 to 1995;
  • Chelsea from 1995 to 1998.

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The Highlights of Frank Rijkaard’s and Dennis Bergkamp’s Careers

The first football club in Frank Rijkaard’s professional career was Ajax. He spent seven years with this sports team, playing from 1980 to 1987.


One can follow live esports matches and simultaneously watch football matches involving this club online. In 1987, he left the club for Sporting CP, and in 1988 he joined AC Milan. However, in 1993, he rejoined Ajax and continued there until 1995.

Regarding Dennis Bergkamp’s career, he started with Ajax in 1986. Seven years later, he joined Inter Milan, where he played for two years. The last football club in his career was Arsenal, where he played from 1995 until 2006. On 1xBet, one can bet on matches involving the mentioned clubs online.